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Welcome to Horizon Fleet, home to some of the best Play-By-Email (PBEM), Play-by-Bulletin-Board (PBB), Play-by-Web (SMS), and Play-by-IRC (PBIRC) Star Trek RPGs anywhere.
Horizon Fleet is based on the edge of Federation space near the Breen Confederacy, Romulan Empire, Cardassian Union, and Elyshan Empire.
Horizon Fleet is built on friendship and respect and has been dedicated to high-quality, enjoyable simming since February 20, 2007.

Horizon Fleet Post of the Month: Lieutenant Lysander & Lieutenant Commander Thompson - USS Yorktown

Horizon Fleet 2013 Annual Award Winners

CO of the Year Award CO of the Year:
Captain Tobias Naros - USS Yorktown
XO of the Year Award XO of the Year:
Lieutenant Commander Nora Zeral - USS Malinche
Character of the Year Award Character of the Year:
Lieutenant Ophelia Lysander - USS Yorktown
Simm of the Year Simulation of the Year:
Starbase 484
Post of the Year Post of the Year:
Counselor Karyn Dallas & Lieutenant Commander Nora Zeral - USS Malinche