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HF IRC: Not As Addictive As Those Other Chats! Come join in on the fun and speak with fellow Fleet members! Also a great place to get questions answered!

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Ship Application Form

Horizon Fleet does its best to make sure that Commanding Officers have full latitude over events on their ships. However, to ensure game balance and fairness, some standards must be kept the same over the whole fleet. Therefore, before accepting a ship to HF, Fleet Command needs to make sure that it adheres to HF’s rank structure, timeline, and technology, as well as respecting all the Fleet’s rules and regulations.

Horizon Fleet will not accept any ship without at least six crew members, the minimum needed to become active, or without a functioning website (at least an introduction and crew manifest). Please contact FleetCouncil AT horizonfleet DOT net with any questions, concerns, or comments.

This application is for established ships who want to join Horizon Fleet, meaning they require at least six active crew members who have been posting for at least six months. In very rare cases, it is possible to bend this guideline, but your application will proceed much more quickly if you observe the minimum standards.

Player Information
Your Real Name:
Your Real Age:
Email Address:
Contact Information (fill in all that apply)
AOL Instant Messenger Screen name:
ICQ Number:
Yahoo! Messenger Screen name:
Player Experience (please be specific)
List all other SIMM Groups (including groups names, ships, etc):
How long have you been simming:
Will you follow all the rules:       Yes
Ship Information
Ship Name
Ship Class:
Sim Website
Length of time active
Please state your Reasons for wanting to join the Fleet.
Character Information
Character's Name:
Character's Race:
Character's Gender:
Character Bio:
Please make this as detailed as you can. The better it is, the more likely you are to succeed in your application
Instructions: Please take your time to fill out these questions to the best of your ability. They have no "right" or "wrong" answers, but are used to give an idea of your thoughts on the role of a Commanding Officer in Horizon Fleet. These answers will be judged by the Commanding Officer of the Task Force of the ship you are applying for. After this review, a determination will be made as to whether you are to be granted a ship and admission into the Command Academy, or whether you should first spend some time as an Executive Officer or Department Head to pick up the necessary skills.

1) In your opinion, what are the roles of a Commanding Officer both in and out of character?
2) What do you think the role of an Executive Officer is, both in and out of character?
3) How do you plan to recruit for your ship?
4) Posting has dropped significantly, and your ship is in danger of going inactive. How do you motivate your crew to post frequently?
5) A crewmember comes to you with a complaint concerning another officer. What steps do you take to deal with the situation?
6) You disagree with a decision made by your TFCO or a member of Fleet Council. What steps do you take to deal with the situation?
Sample Post (please reply to the situation below)
You are in the mess hall in the morning, when power goes out in the section. On trying your commbadge, it appears power is out through the entire ship. What do you do next?
Other Comments
If you have any extra comments, please enter them here.
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