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Horizon Fleet IRC Rules
1. Please be respectful. This applies to foul language, descriptions of violence, and overtly sexual material. Some HF users are as young as 13, and therefore the chat environment must reflect that. IRC users should keep in mind the Horizon Fleet Equal Opportunities Policy.

2. Harassment, abuse, or badmouthing of other members, visitors, or other organizations is prohibited. While users will understandably have differing viewpoints, discussions should be kept respectful.

3. Conversation must take place in English. Users with other languages are invited to converse in another room or by private message.

4. No recruitment is permitted in the main Horizon Fleet chat room or other HF Fleet Department chatrooms. In addition, the Horizon Fleet Recruitment Policy should be adhered to at all times.

5. Channel Operators have the final say on what is and what is not acceptable, and must be deferred to on all issues of decorum in the chat room. Any user arguing with an Operator over chat policy will be summarily banned. The Office of the Judge Advocate-General may investigate serious breaches of conduct.

6.These rules are subject to change by channel Operators at any time. Such changes will be announced in the Chat and posted in these rules.

For the purposes of HF, an Operator is any member of the Fleet Council holding at least the rank of Commodore. Other staff members will have their mode set to +v, and will take over Operator duties in the absence of any member of the Fleet Council holding at least the rank of Commodore.

January 20, 2019
Simming Year: 2395



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