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Recruiting Policy
Proper Methods
-Join Banner Exchanges
-Join Top Trek Sites
-Join Webrings
-Write Ads for RPG Recruiting websites
-Write Ads for RPG recruiting YahooGroups
-Post Ads on the HF forums under 'Ships Seeking Crew', or respond to (or post a message, if you're a player) under 'Players Seeking Ships'

On the DPA Site - http://dpa.horizonfleet.net - I've compiled a list of places you can advertise. I'd suggest checking this out and using it as a resource.

Also, you can write a News article for the HF site, but you can NOT openly recruit here! Mainly this is to gain exposure for your simm, not to recruit (but in a roundabout way, it does help recruit).

Improper Methods
-Posting an Ad (or suggesting people join a certain ship/Fleet) on a Ship's YahooGroup or forum
-Recruiting in the Fleet IRC channel (if someone specifically asks for recommendations, you can give some, but it shouldn't *just* be your ship - you can always suggest the person look at HF's Open Positions List or look there yourself and give them suggestions)
-Unsolicited e-mails or IMs
-Targeting crewmembers already on a ship or on a ship where the CO just resigned/was removed and contacting them about joining your ship

Please note: Neither you nor your crew should be recruiting improperly.

January 20, 2019
Simming Year: 2395



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