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Mordred Ocal

Interested in a Command? Check out our open ships using the Open Positions Listing, then fill out the CO application!

Mission Statement

Horizon Fleet was created to offer its members with a safe, enjoyable environment in which to simm. We are dedicated to providing quality simming throughout the Fleet.

To do so, we have established standards for all our simms and treat each other with respect. By truly listening to our members, we are able to give them what they need and work together towards common goals. We support each other in all endeavors and are not afraid to lend a helping hand.

Unlike many Fleets, Horizon Fleet has no Triad or Joint Fleet Command. Our Fleet Council watch over the Fleet, offering their services as TFCOs, JAG Director, Advertising Director, Personnel & Awards Director, Academy Director, and R&D Director. Each has a specific role to help ensure excellence in HF and to provide support to our COs and players. The Fleet Council listens to Fleet members so that they can continue to help HF be the best it can be.

This is a Fleet for all of us. A place we can simm in, have fun, and work together to create the best possible simming community. A place where we can make friends, share our love of Trek and writing, and share our hopes, dreams, and ideas.

January 20, 2019
Simming Year: 2395



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