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On March 1, 2009

Lieutenant Orlandra Mercia (USS Diligence)

received the

Departmental Commendation: Medical

Departmental Commendation: Medical

with the following reason:
Solid Medical writing and taking initiative to post something when there is a low time for her department. ON: Orlandra sat back in her chair and rubbed at the weary muscles in her neck. It had been another long day. She looked at the chronometer – 2200. “Probably should be in bed.” She sighed to herself. Her day had been spent with the Kevarians and her evening had been spent in front of the computer terminal in her office reviewing everything that she had discovered about the Kevarian anatomy and physiology. It turned out that they were a fascinating race and she could see how they would obviously make good slaves. Not that it was a good thing of course. It was just an observation. The redundant systems within the Kevarian body were much akin to that of the Klingons though their physiology, anatomy and genetic makeup was not comparable. They had obviously evolved to be a very robust race. Elevated levels of haemoglobin and red cell macrocytosis meant increased oxygenation of their blood. This would have been an abnormal state in a human indicating underlying disease but in a Kevarian it meant that it made them stronger, faster and more agile than the average humanoid. Their skeleton was short and stocky, the cortical bone extremely dense making fracture unlikely. The only thing she could equate that to was Neanderthal man. An extra kidney and an enlarged liver meant that their renal function and ability to clear toxins from their blood was greatly enhanced. They really were designed to cope in harsh and changing environments and were capable of great strength. It was sad therefore that they had been enslaved by the robots down on the planet. But she could see why. Their neurophysiology meant that they were essentially non-aggressive and submissive in character having low levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline, not to mention changes in the amygdala, limbic forebrain and thalamus. They truly were fascinating and she was sure that in the months to come she would have enough information here to produce some research papers and at least her current findings may be of use to the Captain and the current mission in helping to understand this new race of humanoids. Turning off the terminal and standing up, Orlandra smiled. Yes it had been a long day but it had been a very productive one. But now it was time to rest because no doubt tomorrow was going to be just as intense. OFF: Dr Orlandra Mercia Chief Medical Officer USS Diligence.

Since receiving this award, Orlandra Mercia transferred to Deleted Characters.

January 20, 2019
Simming Year: 2395



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