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Looking for a place to put your oddball character? We have several quality simms to chose from. Take a look at the Open Positions Listing or the TF listings today!

Character of the Year

Level 3 Award
Character of the Year

For those who have developed an interesting character who is active in a simm

This is awarded annually (normally in January) - CO's may nominate anyone from their simm, citing reasons (Sample posts may be requested)

Recent Recipients

April 8, 2013: Lieutenant Ophelia Lysander, MD, USS Yorktown
April 12, 2011: Lieutenant Commander Drekk, USS Dauntless
April 12, 2011: Lieutenant (JG) Hannah Miria Andeti, USS Pandora
March 3, 2010: Lieutenant Commander Michael Evans, USS Pandora
March 1, 2009: Lieutenant Commander Earlond, USS Tethys
February 27, 2008: Chief Petty Officer Kilana Nira, USS Peacekeeper

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February 21, 2018
Simming Year: 2394



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