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Crew's Choice Award

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Voted on by a simm's crew for outstanding IC or OOC work on a simm

Recent Recipients

March 22, 2014: Lieutenant Lyhse Renee Cochrane, USS Relentless
March 22, 2014: Lieutenant Commander Salar, USS Relentless
March 22, 2014: Commander Amanda Giddings, USS Relentless
February 11, 2014: Chief Petty Officer RJ Patterson, USS Relentless
February 1, 2014: Lieutenant Xon, USS Perseus
December 16, 2013: Lieutenant Commander Amarith t\'Narviat, USS Tikal
December 1, 2013: Lieutenant Jacqueline Kotta, USS Perseus
December 1, 2012: Lieutenant Aniela Darvetti, USS Yorktown
November 15, 2012: Captain Tyler Marshall, USS Oberon
October 31, 2012: Lieutenant Commander Robert Hogan, USS Yorktown

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December 11, 2018
Simming Year: 2394



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