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News Stories

Select from the box below to choose news topics, then select a news article to read. Periodically we archive news and articles away to allow space for new ones. Don't forget to search the Archive if you can't find what you're looking for.

  TF22 News Submitted
Starbase Goes Dark August 24 2013
Sentinel Responds to Distress Call Inside Taevon Expanse December 07 2012
USS Congo returns home! July 12 2012
USS Sentinel Responds to distress call emanating from within the Taevon Expanse February 10 2012
Inquiry Verdict Overturned by Eighth Fleet Judge Advocate-General June 13 2011
USS Alamo Prepares to Disembark May 06 2011
Out of the Shadows December 22 2010
New Bajoran Commander December 19 2010
False Alarm, or False Sense of Security? December 02 2010
Hero of Altorus Disgraced, Reduced in Rank October 26 2010
USS Babylon Intercepts Distress Call September 20 2010
Hero of Altorusí Integrity Called Into Question August 21 2010
USS Minoru Launches With Old Hand at Helm August 11 2010
Contact With Aldani Sector Lost February 16 2010
USS Pandora Invited to Review Romulan Forces on Elyshan Border February 15 2010
Starfleet still has need of older, proven starships January 31 2010
"Eye on Starfleet": The Elyshan Conflict and the USS Pandora January 29 2010
Eye on Starfleet : USS Minoru's commanding officer talks exploration and heritage October 24 2009
The 'Great Lady' gets a makeover and prepares for launch! October 11 2009
Vole Infestations Reported on Several Starfleet Ships October 09 2009
Federation/Romulan Peace talks & a Ship's Commissioning October 04 2009
Columbus Gets New CO September 09 2009
USS Relentless August 30 2009
Tizona Sent to Border July 11 2009
USS Carthage Leaves Starbase 386 June 29 2009
USS Perseus Departs for Maiden Voyage June 27 2009
New TFCO Meets With New Station Commander April 19 2009
Task Force Flagship Vanishes While Charting Anomalous Region April 14 2009
News from the Arondight April 10 2009
Starbase 386 gets new military CO. April 04 2009
Border Conflict Rises, Tethys Dispatched to Negotiations February 07 2009
Contact Lost with USS Orlando January 22 2009
Briar Patch Expert Withdraws from Conference December 03 2008
USS Orlando Returns from Future... tired and beaten November 03 2008
Intrepid Class USS Sentinel Lost in Confrontation With the Borg November 02 2008
USS Tethys Attacked, XO in Critical Condition November 02 2008
USS Tethys Encounters Elyshan Battleship, Remains of Starfleet Vessel October 13 2008
USS Lincoln is decommissioned October 09 2008
Prometheus declared MIA! October 02 2008
Peace Summit put on hold as Starfleet looks for missing diplomats, Starfleet vessel September 17 2008
Tethys Returns, Scarred and Beaten September 16 2008
Tethys Vanishes, Starfleet Declines Comment September 09 2008
Reconnaisance in Breen space? September 03 2008
USS Orlando Launched August 22 2008
Secrecy Surrounds Tethys Recall August 10 2008
Horizon's Oldest New Ship Preps for Launch July 20 2008
USS Beowulf Late in Reporting to Starbase 15 July 18 2008
Starfleet Command Warns of Anomalies Near Earth July 05 2008
Giant Blast Rips Through Starbase 15 During USS Beowulf Launch May 11 2008
The Prelude to War? April 13 2008
New Commander brings new System into the Federation March 26 2008
USS Tethys is Underway February 04 2008
The Challenge Ahead... January 22 2008
Taeveon Expanse Excursion January 14 2008
USS Vigilance finally underway January 07 2008
New Vessel to join Star Fleet's Counter Terrorist Unit December 18 2007
USS Tigris and IKS B'Moth head to Nimbus System December 12 2007
A New Addition November 28 2007
Kelargen Returns, Frontier Vanishes November 28 2007
USS Vigilance Ready For Fresh Start November 26 2007
Munitions Mystery on the Hitchcock October 20 2007
Breaking News! USS Tigris vs. USS Drake September 11 2007
A Galaxy-class Security Ship September 04 2007
Contact Confirmed: Cardassians Engage Vigilance at Reallanopa! August 03 2007
Gatekeeper Battle: Senior Officer Honoured And Promoted! July 26 2007
Admiral Decision Leaves Starbase Ronin without its Captain July 18 2007
U.S.S Discovery DESTROYED. July 06 2007
U.S.S Vigilance becomes first Sentinel Class Starship to fire her weapons in anger. July 02 2007
Olympus To Investigate Signs Of Borg Activity June 15 2007
USS Tethys Prepares for Shakedown June 09 2007
Starbase Ronin Not Responding to Communications May 31 2007
Shakedown to Planet Vulcan May 30 2007
USS Hitchcock Prepares For First Mission May 27 2007
Plague Grips Tethia V March 29 2007
Starbase Ronin Remembers the Dead March 19 2007
Critical Standoff 15 lightyears out of Starbase 18! March 11 2007
You are cordially invited... February 27 2007
USS Arthur preparing to leave Starbase 182 February 25 2007


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