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News Stories

Select from the box below to choose news topics, then select a news article to read. Periodically we archive news and articles away to allow space for new ones. Don't forget to search the Archive if you can't find what you're looking for.

  TF42 News Submitted
USS Perseus sent on a diplomatic mission November 06 2013
Detapa Council Approves Historic Resolution July 23 2013
Romulan Vessel Spotted - USS Malinche May Have Answers May 16 2013
USS Perseus to investigate Orion Syndicate April 20 2013
Protests Spread Across Federation Space January 25 2013
Federation Starship Gone "Missing" En Route to Cardassia Prime December 07 2012
Something amiss in the Jouret Star System October 08 2012
New Starbase Receives Commander August 05 2012
Dryad Station June 12 2012
USS Perseus Cleaning Out the Mothballs for a Shakedown Cruise January 24 2012
USS Oberon Rescues Crew of the USS Repulse! December 17 2011
USS Congo prepares for launch August 19 2011
Oh Where, Oh Where Has All Hope Gone?! July 25 2011
USS Oberon, Refit and Ready for Action June 12 2011
Task Force Flagship Destroyed Above Deneb IV March 31 2011
Assassin Killed Attempting to Flee Romulus, New Praetor Takes Office December 26 2010
Admiral's Daughter Recovered- Slave Ring Cleared Out August 08 2010
Neutral Zone patrol put on Red Alert July 16 2010
'Butcher of Talamar' To Command Dauntless June 26 2010
USS Cousteau Returns June 18 2010
Starbase 227 Found... May 23 2010
Romulan Praetor Assassinated! February 02 2010
Probe from USS Cousteau recovered! December 29 2009
USS Malinche to Escort Romulan Star Empire Delegate to Taevon Summit November 20 2009
Peace Mission in Doubt as USS Beowulf Commander Suffers Heart Attack November 07 2009
The Battle Of Brinali October 19 2009
A new CO for Horizon Fleet September 20 2009
Omega Disaster Overted by Courageous Crew September 09 2009
USS Malinche Celebrates 5 Years August 11 2009
Battening Down The Hatches July 07 2009
USS Xanadu under New Command June 24 2009
Celezar Reinstated! April 08 2009
USS Beowulf to Transport Ambassador Fox to Conference February 07 2009
USS Diligence arrived at Kevaris V February 07 2009
Picking up a Distress Signal January 27 2009
USS Malinche Enters Taevon Expanse January 17 2009
USS Frontier Undertakes Three Simultaneous Missions December 03 2008
USS Beowulf Returns From Another Galaxy September 12 2008
The USS Babylon..... Stranded and Injured! September 04 2008
There will be dreams.... September 03 2008
SS Jericho Launches September 03 2008
A turn of events for the USS Babylon August 01 2008
USS Cousteau goes operational! July 21 2008
Rescue ship nears launch.... May 24 2008
Distress signal received from ship presumed lost for 8 months. March 22 2008
Station on QUARANTINE status February 19 2008
Sabotage! January 17 2008
USS Caliburn on First Contact Mission, Missing January 07 2008
Archer IV Quarantine Continues, USS Amazon Investigates December 27 2007
USS Washington makes First Contact with new species December 26 2007
USS Olympus: Vanished Ship or Federation Scheme? December 24 2007
USS Malinche Finds Two Sirion Escape Pods; Confirms Borg Reports November 14 2007
Isoroku receives her orders September 13 2007
Starfleet Legend Accused of Cultural Contamination August 27 2007
Betrayal on the Frontier August 18 2007
USS Caliburn launches on First Contact July 31 2007
Avalon Research Facility Under Quarantine July 15 2007
Captain Jaol Tesk of USS Andromeda missing July 10 2007
USS Frontier Launches to Chart Necro Expanse July 09 2007
Lieutenant Commander Michael Urban Arrives At Starbase Gatekeeper June 15 2007
USS Arthur is Handed Off -- Now the USS Caliburn May 26 2007
Starbase Gatekeeper to Host Peace Talks With Cardassians May 23 2007
USS Olympus Receives Military CO May 21 2007
USS Valiant Commences Final Preparations March 20 2007
USS Kanji prepares for active duty February 27 2007


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