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Ship Database

Cousteau Class Submarine

Category: Submarine


Expected Duration: 15 years
Time Between Resupply: 0 years
Time Between Refit: 5 years

Crew: 4
Passengers: 4
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 12

Cruising Velocity: Warp 0
Maximum Velocity: Warp 0
Emergency Velocity: Warp 0 (for 0 hours)

Length: 12 meters
Width: 5 meters
Height: 6 meters
Decks: 2

Defensive Systems
   Structural Integrity Field
Hand Phasers
   Type I: 3
   Type II: 6
   Type III: 3
   Micro-Torpedo Launcher: 3
      Micro-Quantum Torpedoes: 16
      Micro-Photon Torpedoes: 4
Personal Environmental Protection Suits
   EVA Suit: 3
   Submergence Suit: 3
   Type VI Array: 2
Shielding Systems
   EM Dispersal Field
   Light Shielding System

Specs Written By: Marc
Modifications By: Antoniemey
Revisions By: RAdm Tharos (Nov 2012)

Cousteau-class submarines are direct descendants from the Cousteau-class starship project, abandoned at the outset of the Dominion War, with the hopes of providing a starship also suited for underwater operations. The Cousteau-class, however, has eschewed all atmospheric ability in favor of being quiet, efficient, and well adapted for the task of underwater exploration.

They are essentially run of the mill shuttlecraft based on the Delta Flyer design, with their nacelles converted from propulsion to sensor bundles, and a large turboprop in the aft providing propulsion. This system allows the craft to move virtually silently through the water, minimizing disruption to the ecosystems that it aims to study.

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December 13, 2018
Simming Year: 2394



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