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Ship Database

Ambassador Class Explorer

Category: Ship-of-the-Line


Expected Duration: 80 years
Time Between Resupply: 3 years
Time Between Refit: 6 years

Officers: 155
Enlisted Crew: 550
Marines: 0
Passengers: 200
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 6000

Cruising Velocity: Warp 6
Maximum Velocity: Warp 8.8
Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.3 (for 12 hours)

Length: 526 meters
Width: 320 meters
Height: 125 meters
Decks: 36

Auxiliary Craft
Shuttlebays: 2
Captain's Yachts
   Mark 1 Captain's Yacht: 1
   Danube Runabout: 2
   Hunley Shuttle: 1
   Type 11 Shuttle: 4
   Type 8 Shuttle: 3
   Type 9 Shuttle: 4
   Argo Transport: 1

Defensive Systems
   Structural Integrity Field
   Type IX Array: 7
   Type X Array: 3
Shielding Systems
   Auto-Modulating Shielding System
   Metaphasic Shielding System
   Standard Shielding System
   Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 2
      Quantum Torpedoes: 60
      Photon Torpedoes: 300

Specifications Written By: Adam
Modifications By: Antoniemey
Revisions By: RAdm Tharos (Nov 2012)

Deck Listing:

Deck Description
1 Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Observation Lounge, Weapons Locker, Primary Communications Array, Primary Sensor Array  
2 XO's Office, Senior Officer's Quarters, CoB's Office, Conference Room , Officer's Mess, CIO's Office, Intelligence Center  
3 VIP/Guest Quarters, Diplomatic Facilities, CDO's Office, Large Conference Room, Auditorium, Transporter Room 1, Holodecks 1-2, Security Station  
4 Main Shuttlebay, Shuttle Maintenance Bay, CFCO's Office, Industrial Replicators 1&2, Cargo Bays 1-2  
5 Computer Systems Monitoring Room, Main Computer Core (Level 1), Guest Quarters , Crew Quarters  
6 Transporter Room 2, Main Computer Core (Level 2), Crew Quarters, Holodecks 3-4  
7 Gymnasium, Natatorium, Mess Hall, Galley, Crew Quarters, Main Computer Core (Level 3), Conference Room 2, Secondary Tractor Beam Emitter  
8 Crew Quarters, Child Care Facilities, School, Computer and Equipment Storage Bay, Main Computer Core (Level 4)  
9 Primary Environmental Control, Crew/Passenger Quarters, Emergency Supply Storage, Secondary Deuterium Storage Tanks, Main Computer Core (Level 5)  
10 Security Training Holodecks 1-3, Phaser Ranges 1-6, Armoury, CT/SO's Office, Brig, Secondary Communications Array  
11 Primary SIF/IDF Generators, Holodecks 5 & 6, Crew/Passenger Quarters, Secondary Environmental Control  
12 Replicator Control, Industrial Replicators 3-5, Sickbay, CMO's Office, Medical Supply Storage, Medical Labs 1+2, Medical Holodecks 1-5, Crew/Passenger Quarters  
13 Stellar Cartography, Astrophysics, Astrometrics, Astrometric Sensor Arrays, Crew Quarters , General Purpose Science Labs 1-6  
14 Sociology Department, Counsellor's Office, Customisable Science Lab 1, Chemistry Labs 1 & 2, Transporter Rooms 3 & 4, Crew Quarters  
15 Particle Lab, Geology Lab, Biology Labs 1 & 2, Customisable Science Labs 2 & 3, Hazardous Material Storage, Containment Lab Suites 1 & 2  
16 Plant Sciences Department, Arboretum, Botany Lab, Hydroponics Lab and Gardens, Main Impulse Engines, Fusion Reactors 1-9, Engine Control Room, Impulse Engine maintenance access, Captain's Yacht, Supply storage  
17 Secondary Sickbay, Zoology Lab, Public Replicators, Customisable Science Labs 4-6, Primary Deuterium Storage Tanks, Crew/Passenger Quarters  
18 Primary Deuterium Storage Tanks, Crew Quarters, Auxiliary Deflector Control, Maintenance Bay 1, Crew/Passenger Quarters  
19 Fabricating Shop, Industrial Replicators 6-10, Primary Deuterium Storage Tanks, Deuterium Injectors, Crew/Passenger Quarters  
20 Ship's Stores, Crew Quarters, Engineering Hardware Replicators, Cargo Bays 3-4, Cargo Transporters 3-4, Crew/Passenger Quarters  
21 Forward Torpedo Launcher, Torpedo Storage and Loading, Torpedo Modification, Computer Research Lab, Torpedo Assembly Bay, Secondary SIF/IDF Generators, Crew/Passenger Quarters  
22 Adult Classrooms, Crew/Passenger Quarters, Holodecks 7-10  
23 Crew/Passenger Quarters, Cargo Bays 5 & 6, Cargo Transporters 5-6, Maintenance Bay 2  
24 Tertiary Environmental Control, Crew/Passenger Quarters, Cargo Bays 7-10, Cargo Transporters 7-10  
25 Shuttlebay 2, Shuttle Storage, Shuttle lift systems, Crew Quarters, Crew/Passenger Quarters, Marine Barracks, Transporter Rooms 6-14, Secondary Armoury  
26 Shuttle Storage and Maintenance, Shuttle lift systems, Crew/Passenger Quarters, Cargo Bays 11-15, Cargo Transporters 11-15  
27 Lateral Sensor Array, Auxiliary Computer Core (Level 1) , Crew/Passenger Quarters, Aft Torpedo Launcher, Torpedo Storage  
28 Engineering Parts and Equipment Storage, Engineering Labs, Maintenance Bay 3, Auxiliary Computer Core (Level 2), Crew/Passenger Quarters  
29 Quarternary SIF/IDF Generators, Materials Testing Lab, Auxiliary Computer Core (Level 3), Crew/Passenger Quarters  
30 Main Engineering (Upper), Chief Engineer's Office, Primary Navigational Deflector  
31 Main Engineering (Central), Secondary Hardware Replicators , Crew/Passenger Quarters, Cargo Bays 16-20, Cargo Transporters 16-20  
32 Main Engineering (Lower), Tertiary Deuterium Storage Tanks, Large Meeting Room, Crew/Passenger Quarters  
33 Holodecks 11-20, Crew/Passenger Quarters, Antimatter Injectors, Warp Coil Maintainance Access, Tertiary SIF/IDF Generators  
34 Secondary Antimatter Storage Pods, Antimatter Generator, Emergency Food Rations Storage, Emergency Personnel Transporter 2, Emergency Power Facility, Main Tractor Beam Emitter  
35 Sensor Analysis Labs, Emergency Personnel Transporter 1, Hazardous Material Storage and Containment, Sensor Instrument Bays, Antimatter Injectors, Antimatter Storage Pods  
36 Waste Management, Warp Core Ejection Hatch  

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December 11, 2018
Simming Year: 2394



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