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Ship Database

Nor Class Starbase

Category: Deep Space Starship Support Facility & Multi-Mission Outpost

Expected Duration: 150 years
Time Between Refit: 25 years

Officers: 250
Enlisted Crew: 1600
Marines: 122
Passengers: 7000
Starship Docking Capacity: 0

Diameter: 1451.82 meters
Main Height: 368.8 meters
Overall Height: 969.26 meters
Decks: 98

Auxiliary Craft
Shuttlebays: 3
   Avenger Interceptor: 12
   Mustang Space Superiority Fighter: 12
   Typhoon Multi-Role Assault Fighter: 12
   Danube Runabout: 3
   Delta Flyer Runabout: 3
   Hunley Shuttle: 3
   Type 11 Shuttle: 3
   Type 8 Shuttle: 4
   Type 9 Shuttle: 4
   Argo Transport: 3

Defensive Systems
   Ablative Armor
   Structural Integrity Field
   Type IX Array: 48
   Type XI Array: 3
   Type XII Array: 36
Shielding Systems
   Auto-Modulating Shielding System
   High Capacity Shielding System
   Regenerative Shielding System
   Burst-Fire Torpedo Launcher: 66
      Photon Torpedoes: 5000
      Quantum Torpedoes: 500
   Probe: 300
   Tri-Cobalt Device: 300

Specifications Written By: Grissom
Edited By: VAdm Manley
Dimensions From The Daystrom Institute Technical Library
Revisions By: RAdm Tharos (Dec 2013)

There are no active simulations of this class in Horizon Fleet. Currently, the only notable starbase of this class for the Horizon Fleet community is the Eighth Fleet Headquarters on Starbase 386

Tactical Systems Note: Nor-class stations are equipped with numerous weapons emplacements capable of supporting both phaser arrays and torpedo launchers. In order to simplify our fleet specifications, we have chosen to list aggragate totals for the overall number of phaser arrays, torpedo launchers, etc. The following information pertains specifically to the distribution of phaser arrays.

Type IX Array (Rotary): 48
Type XI Array (Sliding): 3
Type XII Array (Stationary):36

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December 11, 2018
Simming Year: 2394



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